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Bum Rap & Cheeky Video Production
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Exciting Spanking And Caning Films For Men And Women.

A BUM RAP PRODUCTION... This erotic spanking fantasy is unlike anything you've ever seen. Tasha Lee, Mistress Cleo, Lady Guinevere, Desiree Tamas and the largest cast we've ever assembled star in this feast for fans of extreme f/f and f/m spanking action! Meg (Tasha Lee) is a fairly straightlaced attorney. When she expresses the desire to expand her rather limited sexual repertory to include spanking play, her more experienced friend, Kristin, suggests she renta "How-To" video. What Meg finds is a video entitled BDSM: From Bottom To Top. Popping it into the machine, Meg suddenly finds herself thrust into a world she could barely have imagined. What follows is a fantasy epic the like of which has never before been seen in a spanking film.

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