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Bum Rap & Cheeky Video Production
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Office Policy

Exciting Spanking And Caning Films For Men And Women.

A BUM RAP PRODUCTION... A lazy secretary punished by her female boss at the office! Beautiful "Over The Knee" Spankings and bld.y red bottoms. Instead of doing her job, Maya has been spending her time cruising the web looking at spanking web sites and chatting on the phone with friends. On a day when the young secretary mistakenly believes she has been left alone in the office, Ms. O'Connor overhears Maya bragging to a friend about how cushy her job is and how she has really put one over on her more than likely "frigid" employer. An enraged Ms. O'Connor storms into the office and offers the naughty young lady a choice, she will either be fired on the spot or accept the spanking she deserves. The ensuing punishment is one that leaves the deserving young secretary in tears and one you won't soon forget!

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