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Prefect's Stripes

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Prefect's Stripes

Severe spanking, caning, whipping and paddling by Moonglow

It is the last day of the last term before the cane is abolished. Four masters are toasting the cane in best whisky, reminiscing about the attractive young ladies whose bottoms have been soundly striped. In the process, the maid, who is serving the whisky overhears them and calls them a load of "pervs!". She gets soundly spanked for her audacity. We see the reminiscences as flashbacks. At one point, the four senior prefects, each a head of house, are caught xXx in a study. One by one they are caned by their own house masters. We also see them have their shapely bottoms leathered at various points in the story. Finally, a prefect comes in to report that she has been caught cheating in mock A levels. The video ends with each of the four masters giving her a final six of the best.