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The Spanish Master's Wife

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The Spanish Master's Wife

Classic English Style Punishments!

MOONGLOW PRESENTS:...Scandal! The Moonglow Academy is stunned when the Spanish Master's Wife gets a spanking from a kitchen maid. The spanking has a series of knock-on effects that the wretched maid could not possibly have forecast. Our story starts in Dr Fordham's office, the college's ancient history teacher, who is about to give tutorial about the history of corporal punishment. Waverly the maid refuses to tell him where Señor and Señora Adama have gone. When Dr Fordham threatens to spank her for lying, she admits that she knows where they have gone, and why. She had spanked Aura Adama! The film flashes back to the spanking. We see Waverly spanking Aura. Señor Adama walks in, and for good measure spanks both women. What Aura does not know is that Waverly and her husband are into spanking games. However, he takes the opportunity to teach his wife the joys of being spanked, and caned. He hauls her off to the punishment room, while the maid peers through the door. Dr Fordham is shocked by the story, and the video ends with him giving the wretched maid a good spanking, which is of course exactly what she loves.

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