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The Caning Caretaker

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The Caning Caretaker

Hard caning, spanking and whipping by Moonglow

The Caning Caretaker (40 minutes) Two pretty young wives enjoy going to the caretaker‘s flat in the basement for some flirting. One evening Susan leaves her mobile phone behind before she and a friend go out. He reads her texts and discovers that she is going to see her lover. When she returns, he blackmails her. Take a caning from him or he will speak to her husband. Finally she agrees and he gives her a full session of corporal punishment, including paddles and a sound caning. True punishment for a voluptuous young wife!...The Caned Nurse (23 minutes) Mr Fortescue hires two young nurses while he is recuperating from his operation. But they are both most unsatisfactory. He has to spank one for cleaning above his head while he is in bed, showering him in dust. The other‘s timekeeping is appalling. After many warnings he decides to give her a good caning to buck up her ideas; boy, does her bottom suffer!...The Caning Gamekeeper (25 minutes) Moonglow favourite Alison is back in action here. When the game keeper catches her lighting a fire in his grounds, she is dragged back to his cottage, where he has a broad range of instruments ready and waiting to be applied to her bottom. Alison cannot believe what is happening to her, and especially to her bottom. She will be learning the Country Code as soon as she arrives home. BELROSE is the exclusive distributor of Moonglow - For VOD & streaming:

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