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Wild Party 3

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Wild Party 3

Rigid East/Lupus Films - Spankin - Caning - Punishments

Imagine a group of girls having a party and going pretty wild; then someone finds out and they get a proper caning – this image is one of the most popular spanking fantasies ever. This is for several reasons. 

Firstly, it’s very real. It can happen in real life – and, for the biggest nitpickers among you, it really happens from time to time. Yes, even today girls get spanked for reasons other than acting in a movie, or playing erotic games with their partner.

Secondly, you’re not dependent on the setting: this fantasy can be transferred anywhere. It doesn’t have to be a school, a boarding school, a home – it can be just anywhere. You can follow the girls into many different places – for example, your can watch them naked in the showers. Don’t you believe it?

Thirdly, a party is rarely made up out of only one or two girls... There will be more. And they will watch each other while being spanked. And they’ll be scared. And ashamed... Of getting punished one after the other, of each stroke being followed by a scream, of seeing each other wriggle and squirm. Of knowing that their butts will end up pretty colourful, and all the other girls will see...

So now we told you what you can see in the new RGE movie called „Wild Party 3“. Rest assured, our description was very brief. What we have summarized in one paragraph, took a while for the girls to experience. A long, painful while, which they certainly wished had been shorter, though their wishing was futile.
But discussing why the stories of girls‘ parties are so attractive, we forgot to mention another aspect... Before the cane starts dancing on sweet girly bottoms, the party itself must take place. And can you, in your wildest dreams, imagine, what teen girls can get up to when going wild?

Go watch the new RGE movie „Wild Party 3“ – not only will you have fun watching the best quality spanking movie, but you’ll also be able to sneak a glimpse into the lives of amateur ballet dancers. We wish you a lot of fun!

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