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The Closet Land

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The Closet Land

Canings - Whippings - Spanking - xXx - Lupus Pictures

Two young trainees have decided to go to the youth club for a xXx and chat – and it wouldn’t be such fun without a bottle of wine. Though it was something strictly forbidden in such places, all people including the waiter were pretending they didn’t see it – until they notice they could get into trouble.

And trouble come soon – embodied in a police officer coming to the club to look for something, he knows very well he can find in such places. And surely he finds...
The questioning doesn’t seem any positive for the girls, sending this record to their school would ruin their future – but the officer has a different plan – he understands young people – so he tells the first girl to get undressed and bend over. And then his belt is waiting impatiently to start dancing on her xXxr bare bottom. The girl doesn’t even try to protest – and being observed by her scared friend, she slowly puts off all her clothes.

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