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Snatch - By Rge/ Lupus Dreams

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Snatch - by RGE/ Lupus Dreams

Spanking - Fucking - Fantastic costumes - punishments

Dear viewers,
Today another unique movie is presented to you.
According to an incredible amount of positive reactions after our latest movie, when first time after ten years of our production and almost one hundred movies shot, we finally tried to combine the traditional spanking scenes together with the explicit sexual scenes, now again we decided to follow this trend and bring this genre to its’ perfection.

We’re offering you an epic story from 1930’s from the depraved environment of night clubs, pubs and bordellos of the old city of Prague. Fantastic costumes, brilliant choice of actors, perfect setting – and all in full HD format make this movie a true gem. But this is only a wrapping – the important thing is what’s happening in the story itself.
The story will impress you by its lifelikeness – do you sometimes also have this feeling while watching a spanking movie – that it’s really very nice to watch, but also not realistic? So you can forget about this feeling for now. This is a realistic story.

A new young xXx from a small village is sold to a xXx and while being with her first client, she is simply lying like a wooden plank. She can do no blow job, she doesn’t want to do anal sex, and she’s all hairy and not shaved – as the girls from the country usually are. The client gets xXxed off and spanks her hard on her bare bottom. The xXxr girl cries and begs, but the client wants to complain to her xXx. But the xXx has already xXx away all the money in a pub...

But he solves the situation his way – he bends the xXx over the table, puts off her panties and in front of all guests of the pub he punishes her beautiful butt by a belt, ignoring her crying, begging and tears. Still crying, she’s told to kneel down and show how her blow job technique has improved. The client seems to be satisfied, so he takes her back to the room, where we can watch how he fucks her hard and finally xXx her to swallow it all.

In the meantime, a second xXx – a beautiful freckled brunette, comes back from the police station where she was arrested – and tells the xXx she’s not gonna give him any money she has earned. The xXx solves the situation the same way he did before-he bends her over his knee and spanks her first by his hand, later by a belt, just to show her who’s the one that commands.

Despite the painful butt, the xXx loves her xXx very much and she knows what he did was the right thing – she let herself fucked and she isn’t bringing any money, so what? Now she wants to reconcile with him – so she lovingly takes him to her room.
Watch the whole movie to find out which spells a xXx uses to charm a man and what she can do with him? We can only tell you she has a few reasons for letting him cum directly into her pussy. Why? The answer is at the end of our new movie called Snatch. Have good time watching it!

  • Running time: 50 minutes

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