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Rumours 3

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Kelly Payne
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Rumours 3

xXx Enemas - Extreme Paddling - Punishment

Some people never learn. After punishing Sara in Rumors part 1 and her husband in Rumors part 2 for fooling around behind her back together. They still have not learned their lesson. Now in Part 3 see what happens when Daisa finds her husband and Sara in a hotel room after all their promises.Furious when she finds them she turns them both over her knee and spanks them both as the other watches until their bottoms are red. She then xXx Sara to perform oral sex on her while her husband watches. Then she paddles Sara good and hard and drags her to the corner. Then she takes her husband and makes him sit on his sore bottom while she sits on top of him and fucks him while Sara watches. After Daisa orgasms she prohibits her husband from getting off until she says. Instead she takes him by the ear and marches both him and Sara to the bed. They swear they will do whatever she says if she will forgive them. So Daisa decides to have her husband performs anal sex on Sara. While ordering him to fuck her ass good and hard she straps his ass. When he is ready to get off she allows him but only as she severely beats his bare bottom with a large wooden hairbrush leaving a number of welts and bruises. Does she forgive them after this? Wait and see.