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Nanny Knows Best

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Kelly Payne
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Nanny Knows Best

Femdom - BDSM - Girl/Girl Punishments - Spanking - Strap on

xXx to take her adult daughter, Sara (who still requires supervision) on a business trip, Miss Payne decides to bring along her nanny—her third nanny this month! She warns her daughter to behave. While Miss Payne is in a business meeting, the Nanny is left to watch the unruly girl. Sara slips out without telling anyone and the Nanny gets worried. It is late and Sara is not back. When she finally waltzes in, scantily dressed, the Nanny becomes furious. She scolds her for the way she is dressed and for being out on the strip so late. Frustrated with Sara‘s behavior, she decides there is only one thing to do and that is to give her a good spanking on her bare-bottom. Not only does she spank her but before her mother gets back, she decides to show her what could happen out there dressed like that. She performs light anal on her with a cigar tube she's found in the room. Then she straps her with a leather belt. Mother Payne returns—then the two women band together to hand spank, strap, hairbrush and paddle Sara until she has learned a really good lesson.