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Eighties Spanking Classic - The Beating Of Rosie Keller

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Eighties Spanking Classic - The Beating Of Rosie Keller

Caning - Spanking - Corporeal Punishment

As the film begins Rosie Keller is obviously fraught with fear as she considers her forthcoming discipline. The cloakrooms have been vandalised by Rosie and two others and Miss Parker is determined that Rosie will give her their names. Though nervous and fearful Rosie refuses to name her accomplices. This angers Miss Parker who administers several stinging slaps to Rosies legs and backside and vows that she will wring the information from the truculent girl. So begins a battle of wills and resolve as Miss Parker delivers increasingly more severe canings to Rosie in an attempt to gain information and instill respect and discipline. A classic battle of wills but who will triumph?...