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Private Tuition - Eighties Spanking Classic

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Private Tuition - Eighties Spanking Classic

Caning - Spanking - Corporeal Punishment

Tall, curvaceous, red-headed Elizabeth is an appalling time-keeper, and when she turns up late for her expensive, extra-curricular, private tuition with Sir, he is absolutely furious and decides that, although there is no time to start the lesson then, Elizabeth will at least receive a good hard spanking in order to remind her to not be so shoddy next time. Just as Sir has finished with Elizabeth, petite, pretty, brunnette Julie appears for her own extra-curricular lesson, but she has forgotten her homework, so she receives a spanking too. Both girls are then instructed to return the following evening. However, when they do, Sir has to leave them alone for a while, and, of course, the girls take this opportunity to snoop around his study, play his records, smoke, dance, and generally misbehave. Sir returns and catches them, and after another harsh spanking, he gives them the option of being reported to their Headmistress Miss Forbes, who will administer 40 strokes of the cane for their misbehaviour, or to receive punishment with SirÕs favourite Scottish tawse.





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