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Russian Slaves 42

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Russian Slaves
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Russian Slaves 42

Spanking - Punishment - Canings - Humiliation - Torture - Agony


Klafelin is a xXx used widely in Russia by xXx to put clients to xXx and then rob them. This DVD depicts one actual case in Moscow where two xXx were caught red-handed by a client in an attempt to put Klafelin in his xXx. Cruel corporal punishment by the client followed for these two unfortunate xXxs. Afteer the girls were xXx to strip, the two victims, one by one, were fastened face down to a wood bench and suffered unspeakably painful and degrading whipping with both a rubber whip and cane at the hands of the sadistic client. The girls yelled at the top of their lungs as their naked posteriors were left bld.y red.

  • Running time: 60 minutes.

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