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The Whipping Machine Vol. 4

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Pain 4 Fem
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The Whipping Machine Vol. 4

Hardcore Caning - Spanking Machines - Punishment

In response to an overwhelming demand from our loyal customers for another DVD volume of Spanking Machine victims, we now present this unique device in its 4th edition....Once again the whip is used, and once again it's on 4 lovely and compliant ladies. Pandora and Amy, two of our brave English models, submit to the machine's relentless lash, as do Lucky and newcomer El. Pandora endures the stinging kiss of the whip on her breasts, and Amy gets her bountiful bare ass well striped. El and Lucky both learn how mercilessly the whip-wielding machine can lay lash after lash on their naked backs. The whip etches its familiar red stripes into the exposed white flesh of all four of these young women and leaves a burning memory for each of them.