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Fugitive Patrol - Police Stories

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Fugitive Patrol - Police Stories

Hardcore Caning - Spanking Machines - Punishment

Police Stories The series that lays bare the darker side of Authority....A young woman decides not to return to detention after being granted an unsupervised weekend pass. As a result, she is declared a fugitive. She hides out at the apartment of two of her friends, both foreigners, and they all xXxrate this apparently new-found freedom. Inspector Schwenk and his female partner are assigned to check out all of the fugitive‘s known associates and to search their premises. The two quickly locate the escapee and have her taken back to prison. There, she is punished for her escape attempt with both a sound whipping and painful strokes from the dreaded quatro-cane. Meanwhile, her two friends fall victim to the ill-natured Inspector Schwenk. These two soon learn that harboring a fugitive has earned them a severe beating with the cane not in prison, but right there on the spot. At least, that‘s how the law works when Schwenk is on the case.

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