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Trinitas 1

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Trinitas 1

Lupus Pictures - Spanking - Caning

First three short movies in a new production series Lupus Dreams in one bundle:

A shy student in the hands of a rigid gynaecologist with all you can imagine in a story called "A reasonable examination“ .... what and where do the girls stick various things during their plays with their bodies and what can happen if they fall into the hands of such a strictly looking woman...

A bored young  which was playing with fire at a wrong place in a wrong time – with a wrong customer – even though he looked so innocent... your dream called „Wasted Money“ shows how many torturing methods can be used on a naive girl in a dungeon...

A naughty brat growing up in a socially weak environment during the communist reign, where a bottle of alcohol was the only way how to escape reality – not only for the father, but also for his depraved daughter. You can only dream about what an alcohol addicted man can do to his daughter after he realises there are no money for another bottle... You can only dream about that – or watch our story called „And it’s gonna get worse“.

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