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Detention House 4: Psycho Part 2 - Johan Returns

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Detention House 4: Psycho Part 2 - Johan Returns

Lupus Pictures - Spanking - Caning

We return to this disciplinary institute for young ladies who have problems with behaviour and especially with self xXx. Everything seems to be same... or is there anything different?

And the sequel brings us to one of the strangest ones. Even the receiving office, though completely conventional, can evoke fear in the faces of even the most rebellious girls. Today, two girls are brought in. Their mother is asking about the strict headmistress, but is accepted only by Johan himself. He promises everything is gonna be as it should. But the mother, honourable corpulent lady, is not satisfied. She would like to be present to her daughters‘ punishment, she’d like to see them being put through strict educatory methods and she’d like to meet the rigorous headmistress. But she is told all this isn’t possible and she’s recommended to go for a short walk instead. In the meantime, Johan takes the girls to the detention room. What are they in for? A strict spanking, of course, on their naked butts, and even their pussies which Johan calls ‚unclean‘ or ‚loathsome‘ will receive their painful part. Naked bottoms will be punished by harsh canes, their naked round buttocks will shiver under the strokes of paddle. Nakedness will be their only dress. The only comfort left will be crying and moaning. What will their mother say about that? She was the one who brought them here, to be exposed to pain, humiliation and suffering.... But maybe she will revise her decision, after she comes back from a walk and hears her daughters‘ screams from behind the door... Suddenly curiosity is stronger and suddenly she wants to know more about this mysterions institution. How all this end? No, dear viewers, we’re not gonna tell you more today. Be assured, that from spanking point of wiew you won’t be missing anything. But if you want to know the whole plot – you’ll have to see the whole movie. If we had told you the whole story, we’d have spoiled the best about the movie. The anticipation, the surprise, and as usual – something more…

  • Running time: 37 minutes.

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