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Discipline in Russia - Dispossession of Kulaks

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Discipline in Russia
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Discipline in Russia - Dispossession of Kulaks

Real young russian girls punished hard, bound naked, humiliated and xXx.

They shouldn't have hidden the grain because now they will suffer the consequences.

In this 57 minute foreign kink DVD, the Bolsheviks are taking everything the farmers have left. But they're not done yet. They think a group of girls have the audacity to hide grain from them. So they start their interrogation of the xXxs in the only way they know how. They take them into the woods and expose their young naked bodies. Next, they are bound to a tree. The girls are whipped, caned and spanked to find out where they have hidden the grain. The domination will not end before. 

Dispossession of Kulaks is an original Russian movie with English subtitles.

Starring: Irina Serova, Galina Dobrenko, Dora Korovenko, Ho Chen, Nadezda Gorelova, Jerry Geroshvile, Nikita Guhman and Vladimir Ipatyev.

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