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The Rubber Rituals of Laura

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Rubber Storm Media
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Rubber - Mackintosh

ACT 1: Laura wriggles into a tight transparent second skin by Polymorph. Preparation for the puddles and mud, and those crotch length waders are a delirious must for Act 2

ACT2: The tantalising increases as she further robes herself in an SBR mackintosh by Weather Vain, A gleaming rustling preparation for the ritual mud sloshing that is to come.

ACT3: There is no going back over the bridge which leads to the sea of mud and the so inviting puddles. She is totally protected in her waterproofs, as her waders and rubbers are soiled – splosh splosh splosh amid the rustling and shuddering – just cannot get enough.

ACT4: Laura must now endure the ritual hosing. She completes her second skin with a matching Polymorph helmet mask, and to further enhance she assumes the outer black rubber cover all by Rubber Magic, and to complete with a black rubber SBR waterproof by Shiny Mac.

ACT5: Laura is seen sweeping the fallen leaves. She finds it trying under all those layers, and as a result earns the displeasure of her mistress, who orders her sit fully robed in the shower. She is chastised for daring to sooth her discomfort by soaping her restricted body, earning more displeasure from her mistress. The finale - incarceration in rubber.

Running Time: 50 mins





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