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Human Pony Play in the USA Part 3

Product code: SINT03
Magic Pony Productions
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This is the third in a series of DVD's featuring real-time ponyplayers from the USA. This DVD is dedicated to the men and women who seek an intense physical and spiritual relationship through the willing transfer of power from human pony to Master or Mistress. This DVD features four vignettes. The first opens on a spring day in Texas. Miss Dixie, a willowy, long-haired blonde Domme, is seen riding Trigger, the human equine, around a ranch in the Texas Hill country. Watch as she puts him through his paces down a gravel road and then cools him off with a xXx of water from a trough. In the second vignette a tall, buxom blonde ponygirl is seen stabled in a barn in east Texas. Watch as she is groomed, harnessed, and driven around a ranch by her severe Domme, who is attined in an open front vest and chaps with spurs. The third scene features an erotic training session and interview with Sir Gary and his perky red-haired ponygirl, Gypsy Mist. Learn how this couple find pleasure and an emotional bond in ponyplay. Get tips on how to make your own pony gear and how to train your pony to pull a cart. Watch as Sir Gary drives Gypsy Mist singly and then two-in-hand style with ponygirl Solitaire on a warm summer day in Michigan. The final vignette is a fun re-enactment of how ponyplay was done in the old West. Watch as Pervy Paul rides raven-tressed ponygirl Primrose around his ranch in Texas. Done in silent-movie style. this sepia-toned piece with period music will leave you chuckling! This DVD shows real-time ponyplayers enjoying themselves in various ways. The eroticism of human ponyplay in it's various forms is very evident in this 50 minutes DVD. Wheiter your passion is for riding, show, or cart you will find it in this DVD.