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Pink Flamingo - Diplomatic Immunity

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Diplomatic Immunity, Part One: Delilah's Punishment by JG-Leathers. This startling new novel from author JG-Leathers includes sophisticated body restraints, body modifications, chastity, piercing, branding and corporal punishment.

18 year old Delilah, a Middle-Eastern beauty, dives into the verboten territory of sexual exploration. But when her stern religious father discovers her adventurous experimentation, he's shocked and angered, vowing to take extremely harsh action to curb his daughter's scandalous behavior. With the assistance of a willing doctor, Delilah is soon fitted with extreme and permanent body jewelry, then returned to her home - although it's not the loving one she departed from months before. What is done to her and how she now exists is a terrifying tale of crime and punishment, the stuff of nightmares and forbidding dreams. 

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