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Lupus Bonus Movie Pack No. 4

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Lupus Bonus Movie Pack no. 4

Carefully selected spanking scenes from the best Lupus Pictures movies.

Fantastic punishments of xXxs by caned, whips, paddles and hand. Without any doubt one of the best series in its kind ever made! 10 Never before released scenes from these 10 movies:

  • LP-015: Stalin
  • LP-017: The Governess
  • LP-018: Teacher's Exam Meeting
  • LP-021: The Eighth Commandment
  • LP-022: The Exchange Student
  • LP-028: The Recognition of the Great Marquis
  • LP-033: Girlfriends
  • LP-042: Vote for the EU
  • LP-046: Fairy Tale: The Magic Purse
  • LP-052: My Unfair Lady

More than 100 minutes of pure continuous unedited action!!!

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