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Human Pony Play in the USA Part 2

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Magic Pony Productions
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This is the second in a series of videos featuring realtime ponyplayers from the United States. This video is dedicated to the men and women who seek an intense physical and spiritual relationship through the willing transfer of power from human pony to Dom/Domme. This video features four vignettes of realtime ponyplayers. The first opens on a warm summer day in Michigan. The Midwest Area Ponyplayers are seen enjoying various aspects of the fetish of ponyplay. Watch as two lovely ponygirls are groomed and tacked up in a real barn and then watch as a petite ponygirl is ridden by her Master two-legged style. Then enjoy a ponygirl being lunged and then allowed to be at liberty in a cool stream. A lovely Domme puts her ponyboy through his paces and then drives him singly and then in a six pony hitch, complete with a four-wheel run-about and passenger. In the second vignette a ponygirl is sold by her Trainer and, in a lovely bridling ceremony, her ownership is transferred to her new Master. During this lovely event many other ponies are allowed to say farewell to their stablemate and a latex Mistress acts as the broker for the sale at a farm in Pennsylvania. The third scene features an erotic training session in Maryland featuring ponygirl Misty and Lord Blackthorne. Watch as he drives her, bound into the shafts of the cart, and gives her a complete, exhausting training session, xXx her to trot up a hill in heels, her arms bound behind her. The final vignette is a fantasy sequence featuring Trigger the human equine living out a lifelong dream of being hauled in a horse trailer to a secluded farm in Maryland and then being sold to a beautiful equestrienne. He is then branded, ridden hard, then put up in a real stall for the night, amongst his four-legged equine brethren. This production shows realtime ponyplayers enjoying themselves in various ways. The eroticism of human ponyplay in its various forms is very evident in this 69 minute video. Whether your passion is for riding, show, or cart you will find it in this video. Starring: Misty, Lord Blackthorne, Wildponi, Lancelot, Mistress Aingeal, Gypsy Mist, Sir Gary, Sir Richard, Solitaire

Running time: approx. 65 minutes.

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