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The Best Bdsm Comics Ever Made

The year is 50 AD. The Roman Empire has a new enemy, one that has no army and represents no military threat. It is a subtler, socio-religious movement that menaces Roman society and its traditional values, composed of small groups of unarmed terrorists who will one day overthrow the most powerful Empire human kind has ever seen. The members of this underground sect are known as “Christians”......This is a story of power struggles, personal ambition and unleashed lust. Crapula, the all powerful leader of the Senate, and his son Brutus, a young centurion just back from the Northern front, both lust after Flavia, a beautiful young Patrician just turned 18. Flavia is the daughter of rival senator Maximus... Crapula and Brutus are the owners of an ever-increasing select bunch of beautiful slavegirls captured on the front or simply born into slavery. The two men rule their villa in Tuscany on the outskirts of Rome with stern hand, submitting their slaves to practices which would horrify modern society, but which were considered acceptable or even normal in those savage times. By Roman standards, slaves are less than cattle. In the case of Crapula and Brutus, however, even the most elementary norms of civilized life are ignored when it comes to dealing with beautiful young slaves......Young Brutus has just returned from the front and is preparing to settle into a 'respectable' life in Rome. For this, he needs a wife. His father Crapula wants him to marry Flavia, and invites her and her family to a party at his villa. Flavia reluctantly attends the party. She watches, sick at heart, while father and son indulge in their favourite games in front of her. Finally she can stand no more and runs out, rejecting young Brutus. Crapula and his son feel humiliated and vow to take their revenge......Their response is swift. They falsely accuse Flavia‘s family of belonging to the new Christian sect. Flavia‘s villa is torched in an unexpected raid. Her father is crucified and Flavia and her mother are both sentenced to slavery. Mother and daughter are vulnerable now and the evil Senator Crapula buys them both in a humiliating auction... Some days later, a Circus is held in the private arena at Crapula's Villa. Among the guests at this event are Tribunus Augustus‘s family, and Brutus's new fiancée, Proserpina an ex rival of enslaved Flavia......The spectacle is bathed in cruelty, like all Circus functions in Roman times... Flavia and her beautiful young mother play a conspicuous role in the event Witness the outrageous meanness unleashed by the Romans on their defenseless slaves... Slave fighting, lions, wild circus games for the fun of the slave owners... Flavia has rejected Brutus wedding proposal only to find herself the slave of the whole Brutus family......These are wild times. Nothing is banned or considered unnatural. Human rights depend on the arbitrary whims of slave owners, members of a cruel and decadent ruling class... A great new Templeton!

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