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Pink Flamingo - Laura's Evolution

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Laura’s Evolution by JG-Leathers, another bondage masterpiece by JG-Leather, filled with the graphic details of Laura’s systematic descent into extreme bondage

She’s dreamed of such extremes since puberty, but she has no idea how far her master plans to take their mutual fantasy, until it’s too late to change her mind. She’s fitted with a collar, ankle and wrist cuffs, and bands around her arms and legs. More restraints and odd devices follow as her subjugation becomes more intense and more invasive. She can barely even move! Soon she’s living in a locked cell far from her husband’s bed, where every physical requirement is taken care of by the master’s elaborate gadgetry, including her sexual release. Includes high-tech body and dental restraints, body modification, strict corsetry, multiple piercings, dildos, feeding tubes, hobbling, orgasm control, physical exams, heavy exercise and humiliation. 

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